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First things first. Let's see what you get.

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Cutting-edge website

Super-fast custom website built from the ground up. Your competitors won’t stand a chance.

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Cloud hosting

Best of the best cloud solutions in the world. Deliver as fast as possible at any time.

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1 Contact form

You get up to 100 form submissions for absolutely free of charge.

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20 updates / month

CMS's are expensive. You don't need them. You also don't need to pay for an editor.


How much this would cost normally?

Short answer - a lot. But let’s analyze it a bit.


Simplified approximation

Diagram represents a minimal cost approximation for a modern website.


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Minimal price

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Professional editor

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We see things differently

Modern websites are expensive. Everyone knows that. We believe there’s a solution for this.

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You don’t have to spend a fortune to start an online business.

Our deal

Pay monthly and get everything you need


Next-gen website

Instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars for a website, you get it for free.

And we’re not talking about WordPress/Webflow/Wix template. Not at all.

You will get a completely custom website that’s built from the ground up. Great deal, right?


Up to 20 updates/mo

Think about it. You do not need a CMS and a website editor. Our team will handle every update you need.

Bear in mind that we built your website, and we know every single detail about it. Expect no bugs.

You get up to 20 updates per month for absolutely free. We are here to help you.


Free hosting

For small and medium size businesses hosting is completely free.

Okay, this is a big one. You get hosting for free of charge. Amazing, right?

Not only you get it for free, you also do not need to ever think about it again.


Enough talk.

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